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A love story in the Pacific Northwest

Wedding Photographers Near Me

Hi! We’re Jake and Denae.
We met in 2016, Den was studying dance at the UofO and diving into the world of filmmaking and the universe sent her everything she was needing, Jake. Jake was already a seasoned filmmaker and photographer, and was studying multimedia design. We decided to meet up to discuss collaborating our skills professionally, but it was love at first sight and we’ve been collaborating professionally and personally ever since.
Check out our bio’s below!

A few things to note:
- We love shooting together, but we often work individually. You can take your pick, or we can match you based on your personal style and vision.
- We’re based in Eugene, OR, but love to travel!
- We’re both people persons and have two kids of our own! We’re not afraid to joke around to get everyone smiling.

- We work with a network of local photographers and videographers in order to provide full services. Consider us a one-stop-shop.


Hey, Jake here! I began my career in multimedia production in 2011. Since then, I have earned a degree in Multimedia Design, have been awarded “Best in Show” by the League of Innovation, featured as a RAW Artist at the 2019 Portland showcase, worked on a reality TV show, and have had my work featured in Praze Magazine.
I pride myself on my work with weddings, family portraits, couples and engagements, creative portraits, and dancers. As a “people person” I’m easy to work with and always make sure my clients feel confident and comfortable when the camera is on them.
Over the years my preferred aesthetic has grown into that of an ethereal dream. I love to play with creative shots, light, warm tones, and photoshop to make your photos look as if they were taken in a warm honey dream. However, I’m professionally trained to be able to edit to suit and I won’t let my personal aesthetic preferences get in the way if you’re hoping for something other than warm and dreamy.

Hey, it’s Denae! My first taste of photography was with a little pink digital camera that I kept in my bag from 2008-2011. I loved taking candid photos and setting up a moody portrait to be edited to perfection and used as a myspace profile picture. I guess you can say not a whole lot has changed there… I still LOVE taking candids and my preferred editing style is still quite moody, but I’ve matured much from those days and so has my artistic flavor. My favorite work to do is with weddings, couples, maternity, boudoir, and lifestyle family portraits.
As far as videography goes, I got into that around 2015 through the avenue of dance, making short dance films mainly in a dancer, choreographer, and/or director role. In 2018, I had the opportunity to study screendance production with renown filmmaker and composer Thierry De Mey in Salt Lake City. This is where my true love for videography began and I’ve been behind the camera ever since. Through my experience and training in filming dance, I’ve gained a unique artistic eye, and thanks to my wonderful and handsome mentor, I have the technical skills to share my visions.


Thanks for stopping by and getting to know us a bit! <3

Wedding Photographers Near Me


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