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A love story in the Pacific Northwest

Wedding Photographers Near Me

I began my career in multimedia production 12 years ago. Since, I have earned a degree in Multimedia Design, been awarded “Best in Show” by the League of Innovation, and I have been featured as a RAW Artist at the 2019 Portland showcase.


My most frequent collaborator, and creative partner is the love of my life. Together, our work has been presented in the University of Oregon’s Research Symposium and film festivals such as The Northwest Screendance Exposition and The World Dance Alliance’s General Assembly.


I pride myself on my work with weddings, family portraits, couples and engagements, creative portraits, and dancers. As a “people person” I’m easy to work with and always make sure my clients feel comfortable when the camera is on them.


Over the years my aesthetic has grown into that of an ethereal dream. I love to play with creative shots, light, warm tones, and photoshop to make your photos look as if they were taken in a warm dream; Rivendell anyone? Lord of the Rings reference for anyone that missed that...


With years of experience in photography and video production, there’s no wedding or event I don’t feel confident in. Capturing perfect memories and bringing those special moments to life is my forte, and I can't wait to create with you!


Thanks for taking the time to check out my website, I look forward to talking with you soon!

Wedding Photographers Near Me


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